New TimeSite Pro Billing Model: per Weekly Timesheet

TimeSite now offers a new billing option: per weekly timesheet pricing. You can now elect to pay for TimeSite Pro by the number of weekly timesheets created by your Resource Users each month.

This new pricing model has been requested by a number of our clients who manage a large casual or seasonal workforce. Previously, TimeSite only enabled our clients to set the status of their Resource Users to Inactive and thereby remove this user from their subscription count without losing the data history for that user. This worked well when users are not changing their pattern of timesheet use very often, say month to month.

But when a user might enter a timesheet one week and not need to enter a timesheet the next week, managing the subscription status of that user on a week to week basis can be difficult and time-consuming. Weekly timesheet billing solves this problem.

TimeSite clients who select this new pricing model will be billed monthly in arrears on or around the start of each month. Your monthly charge will be based on the number of weekly timesheets created by your users when they add a timesheet entry for the week to TimeSite Pro. Volume discounts are available when the number of weekly timesheets exceeds 100 per month.

Please refer to the Pricing page on our website or contact TimeSite Sales for more information. You can also find more information on how to set up your subscription billing arrangements in our online help system here.

TimeSite Pro Mobile App

We are very excited about the recent release of our mobile app for smartphones.The new TimeSite Pro mobile app is now available for both the Apple iPhone and Android phones. Our apps enable your mobile staff to quickly record a timesheet entry and also record expenses including photos of receipts and other paperwork. They can then submit their timesheet from their mobile phone, and monitor the approval of their timesheet. If you use our timesheet approval feature, our app makes approving timesheets a breeze. Your mobile staff will be able to track the status of their submitted timesheets from their smartphone and correct and resubmit a timesheet if necessary. You can find more information on our new mobile apps here.
Please try out our new TimeSite Pro mobile app by following these links to the Apple App Store and Google Play.

New TimeSite Pro Timesheet Screens

Over the last 6 months, the TimeSite development team has been busy rethinking our UX/UI design strategy and approach. We felt that it was time to improve both the visual appearance of our cloud application as well as how our users interact with TimeSite Pro functionality. We engaged outside consultants who thoroughly evaluated our application and who offered many terrific insights into how we should define and deliver these improvements. At the same time, we rethought our brand image, logo, visual style, and the design of our web site. You may have started to see our new design style emerge in recent weeks, and this process will continue over the coming months. We really hope that you like what you see.
New timesheet screen
We recently released the first build of our cloud application that includes this new design and major enhancements to the core function of TimeSite Pro: your Timesheet screen. You’ll see how we have rethought the user experience in this screen and we hope that you’ll like the way it works now. You’ll be able to enable this new screen design via the System Settings option Enable timesheet Pro list. Of course, we’re open to suggestions to improve what we’ve done, so don’t hesitate to email your ideas to us at You can find more help information on this announcement here.