TimeSite Pro lays foundation for major new features

Our hard-working development team continues to deliver significant improvements to TimeSite Pro’s time tracking, costing and billing solution. Our most recent build, 12 April, has focused on three crucial functions of TimeSite Pro: the Enquiry, Approve and Settings tabs. And we’ve laid some core foundations for two exciting new enhancements that we’ll be introducing over the coming months.

The Enquiry tab is one of the most popular functions in TimeSite Pro. It’s used to build quick ad hoc enquiries, management reports, and data export routines. It forms the backbone for the reporting requirements of many of our customers. We’ve completely redesigned this feature to improve it’s functionality, layout and efficiency.

We’ve implemented enhancements to the Approve tab to enable you to quickly change the timesheet Approver and the Status of the timesheet and then apply these changes to multiple timesheets. We’ve also improved the way that the Approve tab displays a timesheet and then drills down to a specific timesheet record.

You’ll find two significant enhancements to TimeSite Pro emerging in this new release. We’re beginning to roll-out our Geofencing feature starting with a new tab in the Project administration panel. Secondly, we’ll be progressively releasing is the ability to send notifications to our mobile app including geofence alerts. Look for future announcements on these two enhancements including enhancements to our mobile apps.

We’re continuing to work through each of the Settings sub-menus to apply our new UI style to each of these screens. You’ll find that these new Settings screens have a much more intuitive layout and will make the configuration of TimeSite Pro features even easier.

You’ll find a complete description of these and many other enhancements in our Knowledge Base article on this new build. We’ll also be updating help articles documenting these new features and improvements in more detail, and they’re linked in the Announcement article. Please also keep sending us any suggestions for improvement to support@timesitepro.com.