TimeSite Pro’s recent builds continues our new design rollout

Our TimeSite development team continues to roll out our new UI style across our time tracking solution. In our most recent two releases (11 Mar and 19 Mar) we have been particularly focused on our Admin and Approval screens. Our new UI design also includes important improvements to our navigation and editing strategy.

These improvements to Settings, Approval and Admin screens are currently being documented in our Knowledge Base and you’ll find links to all these new and amended articles on the KB Announcements Page over the coming days.

We’ve introduced a number of improvements to the way TimeSite Pro handles the linking of users to projects, as well as the way that cost and bill rates are set with these links. We’ve also introduced improvements to project budgets and alerts. There are lots of other cool improvements to key features such as project templates. Please refer to the detailed KB articles for more detailed information on these topics.

There have been a number of changes made to the way that TimeSite Pro handles data import and export, and a number of the data import templates have been enhanced. This won’t break any existing data import files that you currently use, but it would be worth taking time to review these new templates for additional fields that can now be imported.

As always, we continue to work on performance improvements and overall stability. If you have any problems, including any difficulties with our new screens and functions, please let us know via an email to support@timesitepro.com. We’ll also be happy to chat with you online and take your calls to our support line.

You can find more information on these recent enhancements in our Knowledge Base.